Pantry Suggestions

So you’re thinking of going veggo, or you’re wanting to increase your number of meat-free meals, but you’re not sure what to eat/cook? On this page we outline some quick meal ideas and list some staple veggo foods that are great to have on hand in the pantry and the fridge.

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Pantry Staples:

– breakfast cereal (e.g. Weet Bix, muesli)
– LSA (Linseed Sunflower Almond meal) (great for sprinkling on breakfast cereal)
– tahini
– Vegemite/Marmite
– peanut butter (or other nut butter)
– fruit spreads/jams (preferably sugar-free)
– rice syrup (great honey alternative)
– rice cakes/dried biscuits/rice crackers
– sweet biscuits
– nuts (it’s good to have a variety – almonds, mixed raw nuts, brazil nuts, pecans, pistachios, cashews)
– pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
– sunflower seeds
– dates
– cous cous (preferably wholemeal)
– pasta/noodles (rice-based or wheat-based, preferably wholemeal)
– rice (preferably brown)
– dried beans or tinned beans (it’s good to have a variety – chick peas, kidney beans, kidney beans, lentils, four bean mix etc.)
– baked beans
– canned re-fried beans
– quinoa (a delicious high-protein grain great in curries, casseroles etc.)
– falafel mix
– TVP (textured vegetable protein)
– pasta sauce
– tinned tomatoes
– instant soup mixes (e.g. miso)
– tamari (authentic traditional soy sauce)
– tomato sauce
– stock cubes
– gravy mix
– herbs and spices for stir fries, curries, casseroles etc.
– olive oil (for frying)
– coconut milk
– Engevita savoury yeast flakes (nutritional yeast) (great for making nutritious ‘cheesy’ sauces)
– wakame/kombu/nori (seaweeds)
– vegetarian jelly mixes and desserts
– wholemeal flour, raw sugar, oats, dates, nuts etc. (for home-made baked cookies and cakes)
– corn chips
– last but not least we recommend always keeping on hand a small stash of chips, chocolatelolliesconfectionery etc. (They may not be good for your nutritional health but eating a little ‘junk’ food occasionally can be good for your mental health! You don’t want to be too restrictive with what you eat, and a little bit of ‘junk’ doesn’t hurt providing your diet is otherwise healthy and well balanced.)

Fridge Staples

– crispers full of fresh seasonal vegies!
– a good range of seasonal fruit!
– soy sausages or other meat alternatives
– flaxseed oil (excellent vegetarian source of omega 3 essential fatty acids)
– soymilk/ricemilk
– rennet-free cheese or non-dairy cheese alternatives (great for toasted sandwiches and cheesy sauces)
– Nuttelex margarine (dairy-free)
– bread (preferably wholemeal/sour dough/rye/spelt, but whatever you prefer)
– pita bread (Lebanese bread)
– dip
– curry paste (watch out for fish/seafood extracts – read the ingredients label carefully)
– crushed/minced garlic
– crushed/minced/ginger
– mustard
– pâté (e.g. sun dried tomato pâté can make a really yummy pasta sauce)
– pesto
– dill pickles
– olives
– tepenade
– sundried tomatoes
– mayonnaise
– sweet chilli sauce
– salsa
– wheat germ (for sprinkling on breakfast cereal)
– maple syrup
– Australian Fresh fruit juice (in our opinion this brand is the best!)

Freezer Staples

– meat alternatives
– frozen spinach / spinach portions
– peas
– corn 
– ice cream!
– puff pastry

Tips & Quick Meal Ideas

– weekend breakfasts:
– mushrooms and tomato on toast with soy sausage, and avocado on toast
– buckwheat pancakes with banana, maple syrup and lemon & sugar or ice cream
– savoury pancakes with mushroom
– crisp fresh summer salads with beans, celery, gourmet lettuce, tomatoes and dressing, with home-made dips with mushrooms, garlic, onions, chilli and hommus
– corn chips with baked beans/re-fried beans, salsa and tabasco sauce, with salad
– pita bread with hommus, falafel, tahini and salad
– veggo burger with wholemeal roll, tomato sauce and salad
– baked beans on wholemeal toast with salad
– instant miso soup with a bowl of rice and steamed asian greens and tamari
– wholemeal spaghetti with pasta sauce and salad (sometimes mix in beans)
– baked potatoes with salsa, corn and kidney beans and salad
– sandwiches with Veggie Delights luncheon ‘meat’, lettuce, tomato and hommous