Meet the team

[title size=”1″]Our Volunteers[/title]

[title size=”2″]2015 Executive Committee[/title]

[person name=”Mark Doneddu” title=”President” email=””]Mark has had extensive experience researching vegetarian health issues as well as the environmental impacts of a healthy vegetarian diet. He regularly develops and presents talks on behalf of Vegetarian Victoria regarding vegetarian issues, including the sustainability of a meat-free diet. As well as President of Vegetarian Victoria Mark is the Event Manager for World Vegan Day and regular guest speaker for organisations such as student groups and university clubs.[/person]

[person name=”Jason Carstens” title=”Vice President” email=”” email2=””]Jason has been vegetarian since 1985 and vegan since 1988. He is passionate about equality and compassion for all creatures. He has been the M.C. for the World Vegan Day Melbourne Festival since 2005, and as recently elected Vice President his input into Vegetarian Victoria is stepping up. As a comedian and salesman he intends to inject fun and the “gift of the gab” into his role in further promoting Vegetarian Victoria, veganism and vegetarianism. He is also our Social Events Coordinator and arranges monthly events. He’s always up for suggestions for events so suggest away and turn up to some great events posted on the website.[/person]
[person name=”Meghan Street” title=”Secretary” email=””]Meghan can be found helping out at Vegetarian Victoria stalls, writing media releases and Vegetarian Victoria instructional manuals and assisting our intrepid interns to develop their professional skills through volunteer work with the organisation. Meg is a raw vegan. One of Meg’s main reasons for becoming vegetarian stems from a respect for all humans, and the need to reduce our total consumption to address world poverty.[/person]
[person name=”Katherine” title=”Treasurer” email=””]Katherine became a vegetarian when she was a teenager, believing it to be a positive path to take out of respect for her own body and the world around her. She’s also a Scout Leader and enjoys conservation, travel, and working with young people. She’s studying to be a teacher and one day hopes to teach English overseas.[/person]

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[title size=”2″]2015 General Committee[/title]

[person name=”Ron Prasad” title=”Volunteer Co-ordinator” email=””]Ron is an author, speaker, Life Coach, Executive Coach, and a very passionate Vegetarian Victoria volunteer.He has been involved with Vegetarian Victoria since 2008, and is keen to spread the healthy and compassionate message through a vegan diet![/person]
[person name=”Reece Marks” title=”Webmaster” email=””]Reece joined Vegetarian Victoria as a Media Liaison before becoming our Webmaster. He is currently working in communications.[/person]
[person name=”Rory Johnson” title=”Social Media Manager” facebook=””]Rory has a love for everything tech. He spends his spare time keeping abreast of our Facebook events, group & page, as well as helping out with the website. Give him a hug when you see him next![/person]

[title size=”2″]Really Helpful People[/title]

[person name=”Carolyn” title=”Office Manager” email=””]Carolyn spends her spare time creating membership cards and is the first port of call for our general email. Carolyn has a special interest in how Christians can also be vegetarian.[/person]
[person name=”Malia Donovan” title=”Volunteer”][/person]
[person name=”” title=””][/person]

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And let’s not forget the people who were present at the meeting when Vegetarian Victoria (as Vegetarian Network Victoria) was actually formed:

Jennie Barrbo, Alex Broch, Peter Cabena, Jon Carroll, Sarah Crome, Janine Crozier, Danni Dimech, Richard Dimech, Chris Gale, Lynn Holt, Sheryll Kay, Anna Mumford, Tony Mumford, David Ogilvie, Jenny Pearce, Cathy Pillans, Stuart Poll, Marilyn Sears, Andrew Stapley, Heather Steele, Paul Symington, Cameron Young and Jiao Zhan
The meeting was held on 22 May 1998 at Miracles Cafe in Malvern, Melbourne.

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