By James Gorman, Daily Telegraph:

SYDNEY’S second serving of Melbourne-style vegie burgers and queue-worthy chips is on the way with Lord of the Fries set to launch its second store at Central Station this week.

What started as a travelling food van by husband and wife Mark and Amanda Koronczyk in 2004 has grown into a burger and fries empire with seven stores in Melbourne.

After the success of their first Sydney store on George St, which opened in 2013, Mr and Mrs Koronczyk have announced Central Station will be the home of their next venue due the high level of foot traffic the transport hub sees.


Lily Ung and Ramon Tanat, managers of the new store Lord of the Fries store at Central train station.

“We looked around Sydney for another space and we settled on Central, which we feel is the right choice,” Mr Koronczyk said.

“We chose Central because we have a store at Melbourne’s Southern Cross station and it works well for us there. We just think that with so many people coming through Central Station every day it is great location for us to put our second store.

“It is also going to be a first for Sydney because it will be offering breakfast, which will be exciting.”

Even with so many venues established throughout Melbourne and now Sydney, Mr Koronczyk said he is still surprised by the success of his vegetarian business.

“We launched in Melbourne in 2004 as a food van and my wife and I would travel around to festivals and every weekend it went off,” he said.

“People loved what we were doing and how we were preparing our produce because we wanted to do something that was vegetarian and that vibe seemed to work well with our customers.

“After maybe a year in the van we set up our first store on the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders St and it took off really fast. We opened another store and another and now we have expanded over to Sydney.

“We are still really surprised by how well the Sydney store has done; it was even busier when we opened than our Flinders St store.

“We’ve been thrilled with the reception Lord of the Fries has had in Sydney, our first store in NSW was much-anticipated with queues down the street opening day, and to now expand upon that engaged customer base is very exciting.

“I think people just love it because it is unique in Australia to have a place to make vegetarian burgers with the texture of meat.”