To coincide with World Vegan Day in 2016, new figures were released in the UK that reported that food sales are up by a massive 1,500 per cent on the past year. From a recent survey in the UK, half a million people are now on a vegan diet, up by 260% from 2006.

Alternative vegetarian meat products are also up by thousands of percent in the last year, along with the sales of snacks such as Smoked Tofu and Falafel. Some products such as Vanilla Soy Custard, Non-Dairy Chocolate and Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream were up in sales anywhere from 1,500% to 2,500%.

The switch away from dairy milk to nut milks was equally as impressive. For example sales of Alpro Unsweetened Almond Milk have gone up by 2,343 per cent since 2015. This is the equivalent of over 265,000 litres. This equates to or around 3,300 baths full of this nut based alternative to cow’s or goat’s milk!

Source : London Economic